Jun 042014

Does the number 550 have any meaning to you?  

trip advisor cottage inn spa sonoma best place to stay My proudest moments at work take place when a guest takes the time to thank one of my co-workers or mention how much they enjoyed the Cottage Inn & Spa.  Our team strives to create a positive guest experience and guest feedback is the culmination of our hard work.

Occasionally, 549 times to be exact, a guest will take their experience a step further and write a review on TripAdvisor.  Being an open forum for guest feedback, TripAdvisor can be a business’s best friend or worst enemy; every review is accessible to the masses and can influence the demand for our inn.  Fortunately, of our 549 reviews to date, 537 of them fall into the very good or excellent category.  Not a bad percentage!!

So, thank you to all 537 guests that took the time to write a nice review of the Cottage Inn & Spa.  I sincerely appreciate your business.  Thank you to the 12 guests that were critical of some or all of our operation.  I view criticism as a chance to learn, improve and earn the next positive review.  Finally, thank you in advance to reviewer number 550.  I hope you enjoyed your stay and your Trip Advisor review will go a long way towards promoting our beautiful inn.

Thank you and let the countdown to 600 begin…

May 062014

Far too often I see our guests arrive with a pre-planned itinerary filled with activities, meals and as many wine tastings as can fit in the duration of their stay. Usually a forty-eight hour stay will center on a meal at the Girl and the Fig as well a tastings and tours of some of Sonoma’s famous wineries. There is nothing wrong with planning a Sonoma vacation based on a couple Google searches or a travel guide; in fact, I will never turn down a meal at Girl and the Fig or a glass of Sonoma wine.

When given an opportunity, I like to inform our guests of lesser know activities and places; experiences that are unique and off the beaten path. Here are a few activities that our staff and guests have recently enjoyed:

bartholomew park winery cottage inn spa sonoma

Bartholomew Park
An easy walk or bike ride from the Cottage Inn and Spa, Bartholomew Park is a great area for a leisurely hike or a picnic. Enjoy vineyard views, shade from old-growth trees and the Bartholomew Park Winery.

Carneros Brewing Company

Here is an idea, let the wine rest and drink some beer. Our friends at Carneros Brewing Company have a great tasting room filled with games and great beer. Need a break from the crowded wine tasting rooms? Enjoy a cold beer at Carneros Brewing Company.

Fremont Diner

I try to start my day with something healthy to eat, but occasionally nothing sounds better than fried chicken and waffles. About 10 minutes from the plaza, the Fremont Diner is a low-key, welcoming atmosphere with great food and drinks.


Come to Sonoma, Stay at the Cottage Inn and Spa and try something new!!!

Mar 062014
(photo credit: George Rose)

(photo credit: George Rose)

Even with the few days of recent rain, it sure is starting to feel a lot more like spring than winter. The temperatures are rising and the trees and flowers are starting to wake up after a short winter. At the Cottage Inn & Spa, and Sonoma for that matter, weekend crowds are increasing, while weekdays remain rather quiet. It is a great time to visit Sonoma!

It is easy to stay busy here. Every corner has a winery willing to fill your glass or a restaurant offering fresh food. For individuals looking for other activities, the Sonoma Valley Visitors Bureau has a great event calendar highlighting local art, music and culinary events. Starting March 10th, Sonoma Restaurant Week gives guests the opportunity to try some of the valley’s best restaurants at a discounted price. Starting April 2nd, the Sonoma International Film Festival takes over the town, offering world-class cinema and events around Sonoma’s plaza. It is an event that is not to be missed!

Jan 142014

Anytime you spend 60% of a month somewhere new there are bound to be a few pleasant surprises. This was my experience in the month of December. Having just purchased the Cottage Inn & Spa, I spent 20 of the 31 days in December on the property. There is plenty of work to be done, but also time to experience the property from a guest’s point of view.

Here are a few of my experiences

I cannot believe how welcoming the front desk staff is to every guest they encounter. The interactions between guests and staff are unique and memorable.
I get breakfast from Crisp Bake Shop every morning and I don’t need to get out of my pajamas! Yes, it’s true, our friends at Crisp help deliver fresh pastries to every guest’s door.

crisp bake shop sonoma cottage inn spa
Sonoma is an amazing region for wine, but I had no idea so many great wineries and tasting rooms were within walking distance from the Cottage Inn & Spa. Our friends at Sojourn, Envolve, and Sigh are all a short distance away. Easy walk there and easy stumble home.

cottage inn spa envolve sigh sojourn
I can almost see the Girl & the Fig from my room! World-class dinning opportunities are everywhere! I’ve managed to create a great rotation between the Girl & the Fig, El Dorado Kitchen, and La Salette.

Come see for yourself why the Cottage Inn & Spa is a great component to an unforgettable Sonoma vacation.


Dec 082013

Crisp Bake Shop Cottage Inn Spa Sonoma My wife, Amy, and I are thrilled to be the new owners of this wonderful property.  Faye and Tom have graciously contributed to a near seamless change of ownership.  I would personally like to thank both of them for all they have done to create a business with style, service and integrity.  I hope to build off of what they have created.

With the change in ownership comes a new set of eyes and upcoming improvements that will make the guest experience that much more enjoyable.  You will still see Gloria, Kathryn, Lori, Catherine, and even Faye welcoming them to the property and making sure their stay is enjoyable.  Our local Sonoma vendors, Crisp Bake Shop and Barking Dog Coffee Roasters, will still supply our guests with the best local products.  We hope the Cottage Inn & Spa continues to be a travel destination that you come back to year after year.

On behalf of the entire staff, we look forward to seeing you soon-

~Zac & Amy Weinberg

Nov 202013

As the first gentle winter rains descend on the valley, I find these last few days filled with many different emotions.

The journey I have been on for the last 7 years has led me to this day of Aloha to the Cottage Inn & Spa. As we all know and have experienced in life, one moment can change your whole life…

cottage inn spa sonoma new owners I have always felt that “if” I ever did sell the inn, that person’s energy would have to resonate with mine, and having a very strong intuition I felt it would guide me in any decisions. Within minutes of meeting Zac Weinberg, I almost instantly felt he is the “right one” to sell to. A week later I met his wife Amy and that felt right too.

I am so grateful to have had such an incredible property and watch it evolve into a sacred place that people connect to. I wish to honor my simply amazing staff who show up every day and keep the Inn running efficiently, keep all the rooms looking beautiful & inviting, and for creating garden spaces so pleasing to the eye. Without all of you, we would not be where we are.

I must say also how grateful I am to Tom, my sweetheart, whose love, wisdom and keen business mind kept me on track & taught me so much. Thank you for believing in me & sharing life with me.

To Zac & Amy I wish you the very best success in your new adventure at the Inn. With your integrity, passion, creativity & kindness I know you will be able to bring even more to this special place.

To all of you who have stayed and keep coming back to the Inn, know you have touched my life in a profound way. I am happy to say I will continue living in Sonoma ~ a very special place.

As always I am grateful for every precious moment…

Nov 052013

cottage inn spa tea mighty leaf sonoma Another year in my life has brought so much joy to me. I live in a beautiful town surrounded with soulful people. I have a business that is supported by amazing ~ loving ~ romantic couples and families celebrating each other.

I have a staff that is unsurpassed ~ I cannot thank them or honor them enough for what they do and bring to my life and my guests every single day!

Celebrating my son at this writing ~ visiting again from Holland ~ laughing and crying together ~ enjoying his talents as a chef ~ being driven around & countless errands he runs for me. He is the amazing father of 3 beautiful children ~ always grateful for precious time together.

As the days become shorter & the temperatures drop, what better time to nurture our bodies with warm oil massages or cocoa butter bliss wraps, or sit next to the fire fountain sipping tea or a glass of wine in silence, reflecting on the goodness of our lives.

The brilliant and long lasting Indian Summer Days of October 2013 are nearing their end as colorful leaves dance in the streets & rain from the trees. We welcome November as a time to rest more ~ reflect more ~ a great season to read “IN PRAISE OF SLOWNESS“…it will change your thinking…

As always filled with deep gratitude …

Oct 012013

Cottage Inn Spa fall sonoma

As the seasons shift so languidly ~ every day a new burst of color delighting our senses. Our beautiful Elm tree in the courtyard begins to turn and in another month it will be raining leaves ~ nothing like the sound of crisp leaves blowing down the streets in front of the Inn.

This time of year brings serious wine lovers ~ honeymooners ~ anniversary celebrations ~ parents getting away from the kids ~ abundant joy & romance fills the spaces of the Inn.

Looking ahead to October when some lovely couples are returning to the Inn ~ their annual trip back to Sonoma ~ always love when our guests can return and try a different room or book their “favorite room”.

Falling Inn Love again and again at the Cottage Inn …”Where Romance meets Wellness”


Always grateful

~ Faye
Cottage inn spa sonoma grapes fall autumn

Sep 062013

cottage in spa sonoma septemberAs Summer is coming to an end, she brings a blast of summer heat but blesses with cooler evenings.  The harvest is beginning in the valley, the honeymooners, anniversary couples and romantics fill the inn every day.

Each couple makes a special impact on our hearts with their joyful spirits.  My staff is simply amazing to make each guest feel like they are part of our family.
I am grateful to be able to have a short holiday to celebrate family and  friends out of state and just “know” the Inn will continue to be the sanctuary for healing ~ relaxing ~ and romance.
We continue to get the most fabulous reviews on Trip Advisor and Yelp from our guests; which are such a delight to read.  As September weekends are nearly filled, why not book a midweek stay with us and enjoy the unhurried and less crowded town.
Remembering to never take this  precious life for granted wherever I am and cherishing the sweetness of my own love & romance I have found again with Tom..  Celebrate Love Life and Wellness every single day!
Aug 132013

sonoma grapes color cottage inn spa

It’s the time of year where the vineyards are dripping with colorful grapes, and the Farmer’s Market’s are overflowing with abundance.

This year we have had many Bay Area couples coming up for a romantic getaway from the kids. We have created the perfect sanctuary for renewal. You wake up when you want and have just enough food in the rooms to get the morning started. You have each other, books & music, candles everywhere.

We have had the honor of the Fountain View Cottage owners and her parents visiting for a week. They experienced how our guests feel in the beauty of their home & gardens and they always add one more special touch enhancing the Cottage more. They are like our family.

sonoma bed breakfast inn cottage

I am blessed to remember people’s faces and there is nothing better than seeing a familiar face back at the Inn, celebrating a special anniversary or birthday. We are grateful to our beloved photographers Ken & Brady of Duende Photo, Anne & Ananda who will have new photographs for our website soon.

It feels as though we will have an earlier Autumn, but for now we celebrate Late Summer with her cooler mornings and evenings and glorious sunshine during the day. Cherishing time with friends and family in this lovely town ~ a town where people really step up to support those in financial and or emotional need. A friendly town where people say hello & smile at you alot.

What a gift it is to live where a park with so many amazing trees & rose garden welcomes you. Forget about driving to go wine tasting, when you park your car at the Inn, your complimentary wine pass has eight tasting rooms you can walk to.

cottage inn spa sonoma sunflowers summer

I am forever grateful to the Cottage Inn staff who maintain and enhances the beauty of the property and to my Innkeepers who gracefully interact in person and over the phone “connecting from the heart” with our guests. Imagine that I have two Innkeepers who also are some of the best Massage Therapists in the world.

If you want an intimate ~ relaxing ~ beautiful place to just be together, I hope you will come and stay with us. Any time is a perfect time at our Inn where “Romance meets Wellness”.

With never ending gratitude…