Dec 082012

As Autumn lingers into winter, I drive and walk a little slower to take in the last splashes of color everywhere. The rains we had suddenly turned the valley into a lush green. Roses are still blooming in gardens. The sunrise & sunsets are more profound. What people don’t realize about Sonoma in Winter months is the peacefulness we have. It appears we might have the perfect balance of rains and sunshine this year ahead. Balance is the keyword for us ~ to find that in all walks of our lives. A place to renew & reflect , that is what the Inn truly is… It is a festive, sweet time in Sonoma.

Today I will finish putting a few little decorations in our rooms at the inn and look forward to our new wave of guests who delight us with their own special energies. Remember, every day is an opportunity to be grateful & kind.



Nov 092012
The beauty surrounds us with vibrant colors ~ time to cozy up with a good book ~ our valley becomes quieter & a good time to connect with friends ~

I have come full circle from being a lover, wife, widow of the original owner of the Inn ~ to being blessed to meet a man whose wife passed a few months before Robert ~ who’s a retired archtiect ~ my love & best friend …I have now become the full fledged owner of these beautiful spaces to share with friends and family & lovely people from all over the word…

In the Autumn of my life I reflect with deep gratitude a joyful life in such a beautiful place…




Nov 022012

I lived on Maui & Kauai for many years prior to moving to Sonoma but often I feel like I am there so today is Aloha Friday.

There is nothing like walking over to the Friday Farmers Market & getting fresh flowers for the rooms. This November already brings us unseasonably gorgeous sunlight bathing the Valley of the Moon as colored leaves float gently from the trees…

November also starts our low season rates ~ We are thrilled that we have so many sacred, romantic rooms for people to reflect & rekindle in. How profoundly blessed I feel to have staff of caring & talented people who make our guests feel like family. We welcome you to experience the special energy of the Inn, and embrace each moment of your precious life…



Oct 222012

Watching the morning light has always inspired me deeply.  Living in Sonoma for 21 years has been a gift and a journey of wisdom & patience.  As I am now the full-fledged owner of The Cottage Inn & Spa, my heart & soul are filled with peace.  The Inn has become a true sanctuary for people all over the world ~ a romantic destination for loving couples ~ a place for families to have beautiful reunions~ for guests and locals to nurture their bodies through healing hands of therapists who have graced my life for years.  I encourage and invite you to stay with us when you can ~ you will carry the beauty with you forever…