Dec 292012

Waking up to the moonlight at 3:00 a.m. is always beautiful. After falling asleep again, I managed to wake just in time to witness beautiful sunrise colors at their peak. I have had another year of great health; that being the most important in life. I strive to be grateful for every single moment with joy, but when frustration shows up, I let it be there temporarily as another lesson to be more grateful. I continue to learn more patience with a brilliant, loving, kind, & patient sweetheart sharing life with me. I honor you Thomas Josiah…

This year is still bringing us guests who have stayed with us in the past; that is so heart warming. We “connect” on a deeper level at the Inn because the spaces allow that. The Inn has become a true sanctuary without t.v. this year.  (Tulsi Cottage being the exception) We have ended the year by replacing wood burning logs with tea light candle logs which cast a romantic glow without polluting our air. We do have some beautiful gas fire places too in some of our rooms.

I want to take a moment here to also honor my staff ~ Gloria, Paula, Lori, Laura & Kathryn ~ these amazing and lovely women answer phones with smiles, provide concierge services ~ take late calls to provide excellent guest service. They are the heart of the Cottage Inn & Spa. The amazing housekeeping staff ~ Martha, Rosalva, Jesus providing impeccable rooms at all times. The gardening team Chris who works diligently & swiftly and Susan who lovingly tends the roses and plants with grace.

The main spa providers ~ Willow, Gianna, Gloria, Kathryn, Tiona, Shannon ~ my heartfelt thank you for your healing energy to bring to the world.

I honor Ken & Brady for providing such incredible photography for our new website and Celeste & Donna for getting us out into the world of social media & creating our magical website. And finally Michael, who finds creative solutions for any and every problem.

As I reflect on my 60th year, it was amazing! I feel such deep peace to be here in this time, in this valley. Blessings to all for a beautiful year ahead.