Jan 262013

I am filled with so much gratitude and love living in Sonoma. The Inn provides opportunities every day to share in people’s happiness. Whether they just got married or have been married many years, they radiate joy. There are the surprise engagements & special birthdays & anniversaries that we help create. Couples often come to just “rekindle” their relationship, as well as solo traveler who appreciates quiet solitude.

This month Hula Mai dancers stayed at the Inn. As I witnessed the powerful chanting and dancing around the fire fountain, I felt such a reverent appreciation for these graceful and remarkable women. The recent rains were so reminiscent of “upcountry” rains on Maui. Our grapevines are dormant in winter ~ yet the vibrant yellows of the mustard grasses are emerging and camelias of every color are in bloom.

It seems every day we welcome many new couples who warm our hearts with their own love stories. As my amazing staff nurtures and cares for them in our sacred & romantic spaces, I can’t imagine anything else I would rather do than having these “deeper connections”.

As we are now in the last week of January, let us be kinder, more generous and of course more grateful.