Feb 142013

I love hearing how people met & fell in love; it is always sweet and beautiful. For me, it is not about a special holiday once a year. Can you imagine someone you love, who is near passing, hanging on to say “Will you be my Valentine” with a smile? Well, that was my life 5 years ago… I believe the spirit of Love is around us all the time, it is a huge part of us. Sometimes when we think there will never be another person to fall in love with ~ when you least expect it, it can happen.

One never knows how one incident in your life can change your whole life ~ for me the Garden Tour in 2008 ~ I happened to mention that my husband had passed a few months ago to a man whose wife had passed a few months before my husband . A few weeks later, we are on a 7 hour lunch date ~ so many similarities in our lives and having someone really understand and know your grief and loss and share that healing journey with you. As you get older you just “know” when it is right & for us it was like a renewal of life with laughter and sweetness…We are together since July 2008.

We both felt that our spouses were smiling down on us and we feel so fortunate to have met and cherish every second of our lives with deep love & gratitude. A loving spouse never wants the other to be alone in life. Never give up ~ never say never ~ Believe in joyful hearts finding each other.

The Inn continues to be a sanctuary for lovers of all ages from all over the world.

Forever a Helpless Romantic