Apr 082013

cottage inn spa springIt seems that we all have places that have inspired our souls. For me, it has been the north shore of Kauai. However, after many years of living in Sonoma, another magnificent Spring has descended upon us. The valley is filled with pastel blossoms of cherry, plum, apple trees. Willows & wisteria swaying in soft breezes hypnotize & intoxicate us with their beauty.

The landscapes are alive with every shade of green from unsuspecting rains. We see artists & photographers inspired to capture the mystical beauty. We suddenly want to be outside more with warm sun kissing our skin and to take more time to breathe in the freshness of the air.

It always brings me great joy to see our guests return again and again ~ in Hawaii the word for family is ‘Ohana. That is what my staff feels like to me and how we like our guests to feel.

As we linger & celebrate this glorious time of the year, wherever you are, take a moment every day to be just a little more grateful . Give more hugs & share more laughter…~Faye