May 032013

cottage inn spa spring flowerThis year, May is feeling very much like Summer. The valley is fragrant with so many roses blooming ~ iris popping up ~ grapevines lush with growth & hills are almost golden from lack of rains in April.

 May is bittersweet with memories of loss. 23 years ago I buried my parents together and 6 years ago my Robert was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer after spending his birthday in Yosemite.
It is also a time of renewal and joy, when the days are getting longer with beautiful light and our beings crave the sun.  Gardens are producing and the first cherries start showing up in the market not to mention delicious strawberries worth driving a few miles for.
We think of May as the time to celebrate Mothers when my feeling is that every day is mothers day when you have children.  Every day is a day to celebrate your mother whether living or in spirit.  We carry them with us don’t we? It is also a time to celebrate Fathers every day…
Sonoma …early on, I felt such a feminine energy here.  After 22 years, I realize how many beautiful and soulful women have decided to live their lives here.  Some have passed on, while many others  delight and inspire me every day.
May of 2008, the Inn was part of the Historic League Garden tour where my Tom walked through, it was the beginning of a real life love story ~ Love is really the answer to healing along with laughter and hugs and being in the moment.
May the moments of your Spring provide you a chance to slow down and breathe in the beauty of your world just a little more….