Jun 142013

summer sonoma cottage inn After an amazing year of some of the best weather in the world, Summer gracefully arrives with mockingbirds singing day and night ~ quail families scurrying here and there ~ flowers of every kind blooming in gardens ~ rolling hills appear to be golden velvet.

June’s longest days of light bring sunsets that linger ~ nothing like relaxing in the warmth of late afternoon sun.

Today is officially “Hula Mai Day” in Sonoma. I will joining my hula sisters in the plaza later today to
share the Aloha through dance. Sonoma has become my other favorite place of Aloha ~ after my beloved north shore of Kauai.

June holiday is celebrating Fathers ~ I say celebrate them every day!

Feeling so grateful to deepen relationships ~ to provide a sanctuary for wellness & romance & reflection for the world to enjoy. It’s always fun when someone who lives here finally walks through the Inn’s tower to get a glimpse of our world ~ the little hidden jewel lovingly tended by my amazing staff.

Every moment is precious with each passing day of our lives ~ do your very best to be mindful of the little things ~ like the doves cooing their sweetness…