Jul 152013

Celebrating Summer… Excitement for the parade on the 4th.  This year we had guests visiting the Inn from Wales in the back seat of the 33 Chevy.  Every year the crowds get bigger, picnics all over the park and fireworks dazzle us.

33 chevy cottage inn spa

The gardens and beautifully planted pots everywhere at the Inn delight our senses.  The elm tree provides its lovely shade during the hottest time of the day as the beautiful fountain atrracts finches.  This year we have a stunning pair of large doves serenading us too.
summer flower sonoma
We are always welcoming back former guests which warms my heart.  How many surprise proposals will we be part of?  Did I mention all the lovely brides, handsome grooms, and family who stay at the Inn this year?  Anniversary couples every day at the Inn from 1 year to 50 years.  Honeymooners from all over the world.

Our little sanctuary provides so many a chance to really relax and celebrate being together.  I am forever grateful to my staff for creating a memorable experience. The best staff in Sonoma!

This special little town of Sonoma, where the weather year round is nearly perfect ~ where people say hello to strangers ~ where community is strong ~ where the city hosts a party and we dance in the streets while the farmers and vendors provide their gifts.
It’s always about the light for me and around 5-6 p.m the summer  light at the Inn is mystical and magical…

Living a dream with gratitude  ~ hoping you can share it with us too…