Nov 052013

cottage inn spa tea mighty leaf sonoma Another year in my life has brought so much joy to me. I live in a beautiful town surrounded with soulful people. I have a business that is supported by amazing ~ loving ~ romantic couples and families celebrating each other.

I have a staff that is unsurpassed ~ I cannot thank them or honor them enough for what they do and bring to my life and my guests every single day!

Celebrating my son at this writing ~ visiting again from Holland ~ laughing and crying together ~ enjoying his talents as a chef ~ being driven around & countless errands he runs for me. He is the amazing father of 3 beautiful children ~ always grateful for precious time together.

As the days become shorter & the temperatures drop, what better time to nurture our bodies with warm oil massages or cocoa butter bliss wraps, or sit next to the fire fountain sipping tea or a glass of wine in silence, reflecting on the goodness of our lives.

The brilliant and long lasting Indian Summer Days of October 2013 are nearing their end as colorful leaves dance in the streets & rain from the trees. We welcome November as a time to rest more ~ reflect more ~ a great season to read “IN PRAISE OF SLOWNESS“…it will change your thinking…

As always filled with deep gratitude …