Nov 202013

As the first gentle winter rains descend on the valley, I find these last few days filled with many different emotions.

The journey I have been on for the last 7 years has led me to this day of Aloha to the Cottage Inn & Spa. As we all know and have experienced in life, one moment can change your whole life…

cottage inn spa sonoma new owners I have always felt that “if” I ever did sell the inn, that person’s energy would have to resonate with mine, and having a very strong intuition I felt it would guide me in any decisions. Within minutes of meeting Zac Weinberg, I almost instantly felt he is the “right one” to sell to. A week later I met his wife Amy and that felt right too.

I am so grateful to have had such an incredible property and watch it evolve into a sacred place that people connect to. I wish to honor my simply amazing staff who show up every day and keep the Inn running efficiently, keep all the rooms looking beautiful & inviting, and for creating garden spaces so pleasing to the eye. Without all of you, we would not be where we are.

I must say also how grateful I am to Tom, my sweetheart, whose love, wisdom and keen business mind kept me on track & taught me so much. Thank you for believing in me & sharing life with me.

To Zac & Amy I wish you the very best success in your new adventure at the Inn. With your integrity, passion, creativity & kindness I know you will be able to bring even more to this special place.

To all of you who have stayed and keep coming back to the Inn, know you have touched my life in a profound way. I am happy to say I will continue living in Sonoma ~ a very special place.

As always I am grateful for every precious moment…