May 062014

Far too often I see our guests arrive with a pre-planned itinerary filled with activities, meals and as many wine tastings as can fit in the duration of their stay. Usually a forty-eight hour stay will center on a meal at the Girl and the Fig as well a tastings and tours of some of Sonoma’s famous wineries. There is nothing wrong with planning a Sonoma vacation based on a couple Google searches or a travel guide; in fact, I will never turn down a meal at Girl and the Fig or a glass of Sonoma wine.

When given an opportunity, I like to inform our guests of lesser know activities and places; experiences that are unique and off the beaten path. Here are a few activities that our staff and guests have recently enjoyed:

bartholomew park winery cottage inn spa sonoma

Bartholomew Park
An easy walk or bike ride from the Cottage Inn and Spa, Bartholomew Park is a great area for a leisurely hike or a picnic. Enjoy vineyard views, shade from old-growth trees and the Bartholomew Park Winery.

Carneros Brewing Company

Here is an idea, let the wine rest and drink some beer. Our friends at Carneros Brewing Company have a great tasting room filled with games and great beer. Need a break from the crowded wine tasting rooms? Enjoy a cold beer at Carneros Brewing Company.

Fremont Diner

I try to start my day with something healthy to eat, but occasionally nothing sounds better than fried chicken and waffles. About 10 minutes from the plaza, the Fremont Diner is a low-key, welcoming atmosphere with great food and drinks.


Come to Sonoma, Stay at the Cottage Inn and Spa and try something new!!!