Jun 042014

Does the number 550 have any meaning to you?  

trip advisor cottage inn spa sonoma best place to stay My proudest moments at work take place when a guest takes the time to thank one of my co-workers or mention how much they enjoyed the Cottage Inn & Spa.  Our team strives to create a positive guest experience and guest feedback is the culmination of our hard work.

Occasionally, 549 times to be exact, a guest will take their experience a step further and write a review on TripAdvisor.  Being an open forum for guest feedback, TripAdvisor can be a business’s best friend or worst enemy; every review is accessible to the masses and can influence the demand for our inn.  Fortunately, of our 549 reviews to date, 537 of them fall into the very good or excellent category.  Not a bad percentage!!

So, thank you to all 537 guests that took the time to write a nice review of the Cottage Inn & Spa.  I sincerely appreciate your business.  Thank you to the 12 guests that were critical of some or all of our operation.  I view criticism as a chance to learn, improve and earn the next positive review.  Finally, thank you in advance to reviewer number 550.  I hope you enjoyed your stay and your Trip Advisor review will go a long way towards promoting our beautiful inn.

Thank you and let the countdown to 600 begin…